Healthy Mind | Healthy Body

Outside The Ring

A Physical And Mental Health Community Outreach Program

Our mission is to help improve the world around us by providing families and veterans facing economic strains the opportunity to get healthier, both physically and mentally. We’re starting in Forney, Tx, and partnering with other non-profits and organizations with like minded goals.

We’d like to share that kind of community with others who need it. Donations equal gym memberships and community programs with the intention of providing entire families the opportunity to improve.

It’s a big dream that will take plenty of time, effort, dedication, and money. But it’s worth it to help those struggling with PTS, obesity, depression, or to simply have someone in your corner. A friend.

What we’re doing now

We’ve partnered with BoxingFiit in Forney as our launch location, and are very excited to provide group fitness classes and self defense.

‘We originally launched a GoFundMe to help those who might not be able to afford the monthly dues of a boxing program. With your help, we were able to give the resources of our gym to a very hard working and extremely deserving 16 year old female.

Now we’ve take a few steps farther and have launched a nonprofit organization, Outside The Ring, to extend our reach to help more people. Its purpose is to help lower income families and veterans gain access to fitness facilities, and equally important, a community of support.

Physical fitness and mental health go hand in hand, so this is our way of helping balance out the statistics for obesity, depression, PTS, etc.

When people donate, the money goes to helping people get healthy, inside and out. Donations equal gym memberships, as well as helping cover the cost of a free community wide self defense program.

So let us know how you’d like to get involved. Volunteer for a fundraiser.. teach a self defense day.. fling some dollars at us.

Don’t just sit around waiting for the world to improve.

Do something.

It’s our belief a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”

Outside The Ring, Samuel Haun