The Program

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Boxing Fit.

BoxingFIIT is a specialized fitness studio designed for people seeking a fun, unique yet challenging workout for all levels of experience.  For Fitness or fighting, you’ll learn boxing technique on your very first day, and then jump in stations with the rest of class; Or train on your own during Open Floor hours!

It’s fun yet intense.  And you’ll earn every minute of it.

Get ready to work!

We’re Here To Help You!

Interested in Personal Training, The Competition Team, Women Only classes, etc? Feel free to let us know what you’re looking for in the “Your Message” box, and we’ll provide the answers!

What We Offer

Class times & Open Floor Training

BoxingFIIT is an open schedule training environment. Check the weekly schedule and show up within the open floor time to train with guidance from coach, or book yourself into any of our daily classes.

A unique workout for every day of the week

Every day is different, and so are your workout needs. Our station training is designed to work every section of your body, and are modified to provide a shock to the routine. From foot work to core exercises, or bag work to strength training, the one thing without question is the quality of our training.

Trainer in your corner

We’re there for you every single step of the way. Whether it’s to teach proper technique or keep you motivated during training, you’re never alone or left unsure of what to do.

Unique Personal Training Available

Personal Training is also available by appointment. Every 45 minute session will push you to your limits, and prepare you for the next one. Book today with Coach Samuel, and take the next step in getting “ring ready” for your life.

Mental & Physical Rewards

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

We’ll help you punch, kick, and jump your way to a healthier heart. Cardio is important to protect yourself from heart disease, burn calories, and lose or maintain your weight. And honestly, who really wants to just run a like a hamster on a treadmill?

Improved Total-Body Strength

Individuals with good hand-eye coordination tend to have faster reflexes and reaction times, and tend to have better physical coordination as a whole. This is particularly important during aging, as coordination and balance become compromised, increasing the risk of falls.

Decreased Stress

Punching helps to relieve muscle tension that can collect when you experience stress. As you continue to punch, you will find your focus is improved, increasing your concentration and helping you forget the reasons why you are stressed.

Managing anger and overcoming it

Hitting a punching bag can be a physical and symbolic expression of stress or anger. Boxing is a safe way to release tension or aggression without hurting yourself, or others, helping you to work through any negative feelings and effectively overcome them.

Improved Body Composition

Working with heavy bags and focus pads contracts your muscles, not to mention the speed and force involved in punching; this builds power. Punching the bag requires power to be generated from head to toe. With proper technique, the entire body is engaged. That’s what causes it to burn so many calories: explosive movements that utilize every major muscle group.


Coach Sam has been a great source of encouragement and motivation for my nine-year-old son. He not only focuses on the physical aspect of the training, but puts just as much emphasis on mentoring these kids. I recently started training, as well, and I love it! Great work out for sure. And it’s an added bonus that my son and I now have another thing that we can do together.  – Misty Holler 11/2/2018

Never been exposed to boxing training before but was looking for a fresh way to workout when I saw an ad for BoxingFiit.
It was a great workout and a lot of fun. Sam is a patient trainer with alot of passion. Looking forward to see how it strengthens and transforms. – Matt Griffin 10/25/2018

You can tell Sam enjoys what he does. I love taking my family there. – Veronica Benavides 10/23/2018

Samuel is an outstanding trainer! He’s passionate about what he does and pushes you to achieve your goals. My husband and I wanted to get our health in check and his personal training class is worth every penny! We both are completely out of shape and didn’t think we would be able to do it but Samuel made sure we pushed ourselves and we feel stronger after every class. I’m so glad we started this and believe this will be a life charger for us.

On a side note, it was pretty cool seeing the kids walk in to do their training after we left. They seemed so excited to get started.

We are so blessed to have this in Forney! – Sky Krug 10/13/2018

Hi, my name is Jenniffer M.👩‍💻 I am a mother of 2 and a Couch potato.🥔 I love watching movies and spend time with my kids. As I am getting closer to my 40s, I realize that walking around the neighborhood, is not enough to lose those pounds that I’ve been carrying around for the last decade. That’s when I found BoxingFiit. This past week, it has been intense. Wow! I never knew how much energy it requires to hit a punching bag.🥊 It gets me exhausted, and it is Awesome!!! I am really loving it!
I totally recommend training with Coach Sam. He is the greatest! He encouraged me from day one. No judgment. Pushing to your own limit. Very passionate.💙 Coach Sam encourages you from beginning to end. No! I won’t become a professional boxer😅, but BoxingFiit has encouraged me to get up from the couch to be strong…be confident… be BoxingFiit. – Jenniffer Meza 10/3/2018

If you are looking for an awesome place to get your work out/boxing on, this is the place!!! Check them out if you get a chance!!!! – Stephanie Foust 9/13/2018

If you’re looking for something extremely fun and well worth your money please sign up to join Boxingfiit!! It’s such an amazing class & also helps with self defense and easy weight loss. – Monica Patterson 5/18/2018

Sign up today to start taking the next step to a healthier, stronger “you”.


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You have questions. We have answers. Read below, and for additional inquiries, please email us at

Q: Is the program beginner friendly?

A: Very much so. We train individuals at all levels of experience and physical fitness. Whether or not you’ve thrown a punch in your life, we all have to start somewhere, and what better place than a community which supports you.

Q: How do I get started?

A: There are several ways to sign up. You can sign up and book here on the website (Go to Classes & Register), or download our portal app, GloFox, which will give you access to book classes, manage payment, access promotional events, etc. Click here for to find your App!

Q: Does the program only offer groups, or is an open floor gym?

A: We offer both, actually. While we have scheduled, bookable classes for youth and adults, our program also facilitates open floor times under the guidance of a coach.

Q: What are the differences in packages? Adults vs Youth, Month to Month vs Stick With It, etc?

A: The Adult “Stick with it” is an annual plan with a re-occurring payment each month at a reduced rate and sign up fee. An adult will need to sign up for their own account, but can purchase day or month passes for youths. For example, a married couple with two kids want to sign up. If both parents want the reduced rate, each must create their own profile. Either parent can then sign up the children by purchasing individual day or month passes.

“Month to Month” passes for adults are slightly higher but expire every thirty days and do not require a sign up fee. They can also purchase individual day or month passes for youths.

Lastly but not least, We also offer the Day Pass for both youth and adults.

Q: So what about the One Week Free Trial?

A: The One Week Free Trial is the perfect way for us to meet you, and offer three full credits for a typical week of training.. You’ll find an easy, fast link to sign up, simply click this sign up button. It’ll zip you right there.

Q: Is personal training available?

A: Yes. There are limited time slots available but all members have access to book training sessions.

Q: What are your hours?

A: We are open Monday thru Friday, 9am to 3pm for Open Floor Training & then 5pm to 8pm for evening classes. We have afternoon classes on Saturdays from noon until 5pm, but will begin to offer morning training soon.

Q: How expensive is the program? 

A: It’s actually not. We wanted to create a program which promoted long term commitment for the betterment of our community. While our rates and sign up fees are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than our competition, the quality of our training is nothing less than the best.

You may access our various membership packages after registering with basic information!

Q: I don’t like the idea of getting hit, am I still able to train?

A: Of course you can! Contact is optional in our program as we focus primarily on the fitness side of boxing. Sparring is reserved for those interested in competition, and requires registration with USA Boxing to possess a fight book. Or for those interested in the self defense aspect and want the practical application, it requires signing a release of liability waiver.

Q: What special equipment/attire will I need to wear or bring with me?

A: We suggest clothes and shoes suitable for running, jumping, and hitting a bag. You’ll  need to purchase hand wraps (which we sell in-house). We provide boxing gloves for public use but also sell them as most people eventually want their own personal pair.

Q: Am I too old or out of shape to box?

A: Our program is self paced so no matter the age or physical shape of the individual, there is always a starting point. It’s important to consult with your doctor or medical professional before starting an exercise program to make sure it’s right for you.

Q: Do you provide showers at the facility?

A: No. We are located in a very old building. While it provides a very cool old school feel, the plumbing for taking a shower is not part of it.

Q: Do you provide child care / kid zone?

A: We have a small space for children to play within eye sight of the main training floor. As we are a small studio/specialty gym, it is not a supervised service and only for children six and up. This is one of the ways we’re able to offer the low rates we do.

Contact Us

BoxingFIIT is located at 501 E Main St, Suite B in historic Downtown Forney, Texas.

Parking is available within the fenced area as well as the graveled space outside of it.

Contact us today and begin taking the next greatest step in your life.


Call us at 972.357.7972 or email!


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